Games Dojo Sales and Marketing Director Mr Thabani Mahubaba

#Zim Startups: Games Dojo Gunning For E-Commerce Dominance

After launching Zimbabwe Business Pages, a business directory that rivals all the others, Games Dojo has gone ahead to create a couple of websites, trying to be a dominant player in the e-commerce sector.

Based in Zimbabwe and Botswana, Games Dojo seeks to revolutionise the business arena in Southern Africa. Speaking to TechnoMag, Games Dojo Sales and Marketing Director, Mr Thabani Mahubaba said that Games Dojo seeks to help other SMEs realise their goals and objectives.

“Our mantra is Reliable, Effective, Affordable, Practical Solutions. We believe that by upholding these values, we will have a positive lasting influence on our business sector, with emphasis on SMEs,” said Mr Mahubaba.

Social media platforms have been used by various businesses and individuals to buy, market and sell various products and services but Games Dojo has created various websites that brings buyers and sellers together without the obvious distractions that come with using other social media networks.

Many businesses, especially smaller ones struggle with getting their products and services to their targeted customers, a problem that Games Dojo, through its various websites is seeking to solve.

They are prividing what they call R.E.A.P solutions which stands for Reliable, Effective, Affordable, Practical. “We believe by offering the business community innovative services and products inline with the R.E.A.P principle we have a positive impact” reads their online profile.

To date, their business directory, Zimbabwe Business Pages is the most prominent part of their collection of e-commerce websites. They have Dzimba Dzemabwe, a property listing website and Zimbabwe Auction Junction where you can find any car you want.

Whether it is buying a house, buying a car, advertising or social media marketing, Games Dojo has a web services that caters for your needs.

Due to its relative size, Games Dojo speaks the language of small businesses and are better able to understand the unique needs of companies just starting out.

With industry dominated by big players like Econet’s Ownai, Games Dojo has their work cut out for them. But by complimenting the services their have to give a more holistic service to customers, they are bound to make it big.

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