Call for Entries: Media Professionalism and Investigative Journalism Awards

The Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) is calling for entries from print, electronic and online media journalists in Zimbabwe for the Media Professionalism and Investigative Journalism Awards (2018).

The awards are a recognition of high level of journalism which rests on balance, accuracy and fairness in reporting as well as an investigative, in-depth approach that promotes quality journalism and professionalism. VMCZ is making its contribution of recognising professional and ethical journalism, alongside other organisations, through these awards.

Journalists are therefore asked to submit three articles that fit the stipulated criteria and in the case of running stories the number of articles may not be limited. Articles should be clearly marked if they are being entered for the Media Professionalism Award or the Investigative Journalism Award.

Entries to be considered for the competition are those published from 1 January 2017 up to 31 December 2017. The closing date for receiving submissions is: 20th February 2018.

Broadcast stories should be original, certifiable and the contestants are requested to provide confirmation from station managers that the entry was broadcast. Submissions for electronic media should be made in DVD format or clearly indicated URL (web link) to the published/broadcast work.

For wire stories, journalists should submit the original and published article and certification from immediate supervisor or news editor that article was published by the news wires.

Judging criteria:
⦁ Impact of the story on society and adherence to ethical guidelines set in the media code of ethics
⦁ A story that satisfies the basic tenets of journalism i.e. balance, fairness and accuracy
⦁ Language usage and demonstration of depth of knowledge and research on the subject
⦁ A story that shows thorough investigations and has an impact in revealing corruption and underhand dealings in public institutions

· For the IJ Awards, The main criterion for eligibility is that the work (single work or single-subject series) involves public or corporate corruption, human rights violations, or the failure of regulatory agencies or social justice and social service delivery.

Electronic submissions can be emailed to: and copied to

Hard copies including three copies of each article can be submitted to: The Executive Director, VMCZ, 34 Colenbrander Road, Milton Park, Harare. Envelope should be clearly marked: Media Professionalism Award or Investigative Journalism Award.

Please note that canvasing will disqualify your application see more in depth

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