Drama In Parly….As MPs Roasts Wicknell

MINES And Energy committee chairperson Hon Temba Mliswa turned up the heat on Intratek Managing Director and socialite Wicknell Chivayo for coming to parliament  dressed inappropriately  amidst indications that there was a false start to the hearing  as legislators were riled with the presence of lawyers Mr Bruce Tokwe and Farai Zuva representing other Intratek shareholders.

The legislators stated Mr Chivayo is not on trial quashing the lawyers’ presence. However, Temba Mliswa justified the lawyers’ presence provided they do not speak on behalf of Chivayo but other shareholders.

“The presence of lawyers is not a problem and they can only interject or raise a red flag if there seems to be interference,” he said.

Chivayo maintained he did not invite the lawyers but met them at Parliament.

MPs were also peeved at the presence of ZESA Holdings members (CEO Mr Josh Chifamba and PR Manager Fullard Gwasira) in the gallery.

There was a dramatic deadlock in Parliament over Intratek ownership when lawyers representing the company claimed Wicknell Chivayo was thrown under the bus. Chivayo and one Yusuf Ahmed had a 50 percent each in Intratek.

Speaking before the committee, a lawyer representing the company Bruce Tokwe said Mr Chivayo no longer had a stake in Intratek. The lawyer said the Intratek CEO popularly known as Sir Wicknell was borrowed money on condition he would surrender his stake.

“I also wish to highlight that in 2014, Mr Chivhayo actually borrowed money on the understanding that he would cede the rest of his shareholding in Intratek Zimbabwe Private Limited which he did to a company called Entamillion investments. Right, so for all intends and purposes and as things stand right now, Mr Chivhayo is not really a shareholder in Intratek,” he said.

However, when asked to clarify the relationship between Intratek and Chivayo, the the lawyers went on to say despite Chivayo no longer being a shareholder, he was still the managing director.

But Wicknell maintained that he was still a shareholder. He said in 2015, the other shareholder returned the 50 percent.

His qualifications went into the spotlight as well.

“The company had no experience in the solar business before being awarded the tender. I am not an Engineer. I have no qualifications. I just run the company based on my experience,” he responded.



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