ZEC ready to roll out Bio-metric Voters Roll

THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) says it’s ready to roll out the Bio-metric Voters Roll as it aims to curb the cumbersome and time consuming woes associated with the old manual system, a top ZEC official has said.

Speaking in an  exclusive interview with TechnoMag, the ZEC official who requested anonymity hinted that plans to commission the new automated system voters roll are at an advanced stage and come next year January, the system will be ready to roll.

By David Zvina

“We are hoping that by January 2017, we will commence rolling out the new automated system but mainly in the urban areas.

“The bio-metric voters role is a highly advanced bio-metric information system that allows to enroll and identify millions of voters quickly and unmistakably. Using bio-metric identifiers, the possibility of election fraud is minimized, at the same time considerably accelerating the voter identification process,”  said the source.



The source added that some of the key characteristic of the BioLink Bio-metric Voter Registration System (BVRS) ere are that it has a full range of bio-metric parameters to identify the voters by fingerprints, iris, voice etc.

The system constitutes highly customizable software modules for both input and output settings Comprehensive data logs and reports for thorough voter activity monitoring before and during the election period. Wide range of supported hardware (fingerprint scanners, IRIS/Face cameras etc.Highest level security settings for data protection.

Zimbabwe’s adoption of the bio-metric  voters roll follows other regional and African countries such as Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria where this system has already been put in place.

In Nigeria, the system was marred by technical problems with electronic fingerprint readers, which are intended to verify voters’ identities before being allowed to cast their ballot.Not even  Goodluck Jonathan former Nigerian President was not spared  as the card reader failed to recognise his identity and he had to wait nearly 50 minutes before he was able to vote. This flow even forced the nigerian election to be extended to the next day.

Voter showing the ink which was used in the previous 2013 election.

It’s a familiar scenario in present-day African elections. At least 25 countries in Africa have tried an electronic component of one kind of another in their voting systems, including Ghana, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Malawi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Cote d’Ivoire. Many have failed spectacularly.

In Ghana’s last election in December 2012, bio-metric kits failed in many parts of the country, forcing voting to be pushed to the second day.

In Kenya, there were malfunctions in both the bio-metric kits and, more extensively, in the electronic tallying system forcing a manual tallying of votes; opposition leaders in both countries cried foul and challenged the results in court – and, predictably, lost.

The big question remains, is Zimbabwe going to be spared from these malfunctions. Imagine President Robert Mugabe failing to vote just because the system has failed to recognise his finger print!!!




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    solutions, shipping and land transport sectors, heavy and light machinery sectors, banking industry as well as the professions that are leal are
    partly dependant on the real estate sector.

  125. Eventually, the answers were consistently the
    exact same, although the reply I Have received has been worded differently determined
    by the lawyer I was asking.

  126. I am also not likely to state that real estate representatives
    in the USA work ethically or even within real estate law; nevertheless, the majority
    of agents here (and I’d wager in Australia, too) truly seem to
    function ethically and legally.

  127. The pricee of funds is large and its particular impact on real estate sector,
    infrastructure, and manufacturing, which is an essential engine of progress in India, is currently felt.

  128. Reverse mortgages offer a fantastic example of a financial
    item which is not cost-effective with the exception of the fiscal
    broker selling it. My recommendation: senior citizens should PREVENT all variations of a

  129. Down Payment being an Expenditure: Numerous people pay despite obtaining the capability to put along more since they
    view the advance payment as dropped money as little as possible.

  130. Another car dealer cautioned that buyers may end-up spending higher rates of interest, and stated that the low down-payment program is normally provided by credit

  131. Do some online research about every one of the varieties of available property
    investments such as houses, commercial properties, vacation properties, office properties, retail properties, industrial properties or multi-family residential properties and figure out the pros as well as the cons because all
    of those different types of real estate demands a different Form of character.

  132. As a real estate agent in America for almost eight years, Iwant to
    address some of these dilemmas, although I understand this post is over three years-old.

  133. Whether it’s preparing a property on the market, or perhaps idle curiosity
    about property values, Zillow provides AZ-estimate” for free to prospective home sellers, which is designed to behave just like a miniature market analysis.

  134. Clients need to be sure to get distinct professionals serving as transactional attorney and their real estate agent when purchasing and selling property.

  135. Several lenders and suggests offer loan programs
    geared toward first time, low income homeowners through the
    National Housing Management (FHA) mortgage program, or navy people through the U.S.
    Division of Veterans Affairs (VA) mortgage program.

  136. For example, your Israel real-estate lawyer may hold a few of your funds for the purchase of a home in escrow,
    to be delivered to the seller upon his transfer of title and the seller’s payment of all property taxes to you personally.

  137. This ethical prohibition also includes the lawyer’s spouse along with other
    members of thhe solicitor’s law firm where one acts aas a transactional attorney
    in an identical transaction as the other functions as well as a
    real estate agent.

  138. Mainland Chinese were the top international investors in real estate this past year, according to the Foreign Investment Review Board in Australia.

  139. This gift will help attract and retain talented faculty and improve the academic
    expertise of our real estate students by linking
    them to the realities of the existing real-estate market,” stated John A. Elliott , dean of the School of Business.

  140. So, even though you enter the deal not performing as a real estate broker but just
    planning to buy the house, by law you should advise them you are to discussing with you a licensed
    real estate salesperson, which may turn them away.

  141. To implement the low down-payment determine, banks must retain web non-executing
    mortgage (NPL) rates of significantly less than FIVE percent of overall loans and
    gross NPL of less-than FIVE percent of property
    loans, Hendrata explained.

  142. Real estate IRA wholesaling looks similar to the typical
    real estate wholesaling process; the only real distinction is the
    investor can use their IRA or qualified retirement plan to fund the whole
    investment, or they can partner their IRA account with another IRA or certified entity
    to help make the obtain (beware ofdisqualified persons rules) Click here for more information regarding the different
    kinds of IRA accounts.

  143. Property Webmasters and proven search engine marketing techniques combine state of the art website design and higher level programming to make the most reliable real estate
    websites online.

  144. It’s going to reduce anxiety and pressure on the banking system to to finance the real-estate sector as REITs
    will empower the business to propose innovative equity by attracting long-term
    finance from overseas and national traders.

  145. Research conducted by the Home Land Security officials suggests that the majority
    of real-estate purchases of at least $1 million in Florida’s Miami-Dade Broward and counties are made through companies, mentioned deputy special agent in charge at Homeland Security Investigations
    in Miami, John Tobon.

  146. Naturally, as a property investor, you’ll also must be creating quality genuine estate leads to be able to develop your business by targeting e.g.
    seniors in your region.

  147. Yet, an attorney cannot so act while simultaneously representing a party to a real estate transaction in a lawful capacity on account of attorneys’ethicsguidelines.

  148. Research performed by the Homeland Security officials implies that most real-estate purchases of at least $1 million in Florida’s Miami Dade and Broward County
    are made through shell companies, mentioned John Tobon,
    deputy special agent in charge at Homeland Security Investigations in Miami.

  149. V. Melikian in keeping that a finance organization lack of a real estate broker’s licence did
    not bar the company from recovering damages for indentifying
    and procuring a credit facility for a lender under a deal
    to help in obtaining financing.

  150. That is since your investment while in the payment that is down that
    is larger displays that you have plenty of income and that you happen to be committed to building value in the home, so the lender recognizes you as prone to keep up with your home loan repayments.

  151. Every agent has their particular way of looking at what thdy do.

    Maybe It is because I’m a bit of a homebody myself when I can be, buut I get
    great satisfaction out of locating someone the ideal house for them – most notably if it is a young couple’s first dwelling.

  152. Such as the day traders who are leagues a way from a buy-and-hold investor, the real estate
    traders are an entirely different breed in thee buy-and-rent landlords.

  153. Bank foreclosures ogten means purchasing property for
    savings that could range uup too 50 % off market price, since lendeers only need tto collect a portion of a
    loan to settle most debt, buying real-estate.

  154. Maybe you may have a householdincome that is good but very little rescued while in the bank. In this case, it could not
    be worst to make use of a low- or number-deposit loan, while planning to terminate your mortgage insurance
    at some level as time goes on.

  155. Canadian courts have consistently upheld the the key in Witicki v.
    Midley 1976 6 WWR 471, wherein a contract for the sale of acreage was binding
    on the dead person’s estate despite the seller dying prior to
    signing the transfer document.

  156. I have heard mixed reviews about the 401k and IRA method for realty but
    I presume that in lots of respects real estate may
    be more valuable than either of the accounts.

  157. Real-Estate Contracts are indebtedness and the basis or subject matter
    of the contract, being property that is real, proceeds to exist following the departure of any among the parties.

  158. Real estate could be local” but all the folks aren’t always local… and even if they’re, examine the inefficiency of me driving to some one home or workplace and waiting for them to be accessible, flipping through the documents to get a signature, then having to figure out how to get them a copy while I ‘m there, and then driving back to the office or to somebody else’s office to ease getting it to the other celebration.

  159. The survey released Wednesday states that the Fed increasing interest rates hasn’t dampened confidence for the future of industrial real estate in California.

  160. Through the years I’ve worked with thousands of real estate investors,
    frequently they found me-too late and had already been sold
    something that had little or no possibility of being prosperous.

  161. The department has developed programs at the undergraduate
    and master’s degrees that thoroughly explore important sections of the practice
    of real estate and expose students.

  162. Their lessons will offer you insights into areas of study,
    including finance, development, sustainability, market evaluation, real
    estate law, and more.

  163. In the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers (CRB) membership info,
    we learn that 54% of the brokerage managers handle fewer than 50
    agents and 4 1% less than 25. What this means is that most broker are simply too little to have a
    deep pool of leadership talent.

  164. The quantity of risk an investor requires with genuine estate and investments typically depends on how far-away
    they are from their encounter with realty retirement as well as their
    present mixture of retirement asset types.

  165. CityScape Real Estate, LLC is a complete service real estate company focusing on sales and property management in the Denver-Metro Region, around suburbs, and cities that
    are nearby.

  166. It’s important that you just get an actual view in regards to the life span of a real estate broker.
    Independence is priceless – As an agent, you are an independent-contractor, maybe not an employee
    consequently you are not needed to appear to work with a particular schedule.

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