"Gvt Protected Econet From Competition," Supa

The Minister Of ICT postal and courier services, Supa Mandiwanzira said Econet Wireless Zimbabwe needs to be reminded they are successful today because of the policies they put as government to protect local investors which would have been destroyed by international magnets who wanted the same market share.

Speaking during the recent mobile money and digital payment seminar, Supa said that Econet Wireless owes it to the government which blocked other much more powerful operators which wanted to penetrate the market, and saved it from the fierce competition.

“Econet Wireless owes it to the government which protected its market interest at the time when international giants like Vodacom and Orange wanted to come in Zimbabwe, the government policy on protecting the indigenous companies save it from these players” said the minister



The minister uttered the statement while responding to some questions from the banking and telecommunications executive attending the digital conference.

The same, however could not be said for operators like NetOne who came in the business first but still failed to make any significant impact, especially because they were running a monopoly, in such an industry.



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3 thoughts on “"Gvt Protected Econet From Competition," Supa

  1. Supa must shut-up. Econet has been there before he was minister. So he must not try to play god and look important. He has no hand in Econet’s success.

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