Powertel Introduces Free Data Craze For Easter

PowerTel Communications Pvt Ltd ,one of Zimbabwe`s largest Internet  Access Providers in Zimbabwe is giving out freebies through another free data craze promotion  for the Easter holiday. |( A promotion which is still ongoing few days after the Easter holiday.)


Customers will be given free unlimited access from 10pm to 6am  the following day.

The government owned enterprise is well known for spoiling customers  with freebies on special holidays like the recently ended , Festive Faya Promotion which they introduced last year in November  which was giving unlimited  access to internet  on mobile broadband services to its customers on qualified plans.

powertel shop Zimbabwe

The period of 10pm to 6am is a very good deal for them as they will be  less  traffic and therefore people can surf the internet  at a better speed.It will be a major  disadvantage however  for the early birds who go to sleep earlier.

Powertel continues to grow aggressively in the  ICT industry after spending some time taking  the backseat in  introducing services which have the customers at heart.





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6 thoughts on “Powertel Introduces Free Data Craze For Easter

  1. powertel is just something else we had fun during the easter holiday… wish other internet providers could copy from this

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