NetOne’s 4G Broadband Delivered ZIMA Awards Live-Streaming

NetOne Cellular stepped up the game on Thursday night through its continual support of entrepreneurship by powering the Live-Streaming of ZIMAs via its robust 4G Internet broadband. Initially NetOne was the official sponsor of this year’s edition of the Zimbabwe Music Awards.

By Shingie Levison Muringi 

We managed to get hold of Mrs Memory Ndoro Mandiya who is NetOne’s Public Relations Executive for Special Events through a telephone interview. She said the latest 4G broadband technology being offered to their subscribers was meant to provide unlimited connectivity to the guest, artists and the viewers at home.




Zim’s top artists pose for a photo in front of a NetOne banner during the ZIMAs. From Right to Left: Stunner, XQ, and Mudiwa Hood

“With the latest 4G broadband technology, the guest present at the ZIMAs are able to share the moments, the love and the happiness with the home viewers in real time. Due to the mobile device revolution, everyone connected to the 4G network is able to share the moments as they happen – Mrs Memory Ndoro Mandiya”

“Also as NetOne, we are encouraging artists to also utilize our 4G super-fast broadband internet to step up their creativity and instantly share moments with their fans. This mobile broadband technology gives you a world in one. It is going to be the bridge between the artists and their fans – continued Mrs Mandiya”

To prove her words right, our TechnoMagTV crew was able to carry out a live stream of the ZIMAs without any network failures. We had followers out of Harare who posted feedbacks, expressing their gratitude as they were able to receive the live stream using any of NetOne’s current data packages.

Mrs Mandiya further highlighted that all NetOne’s next generation networks are meant to help the upcoming generations to access unlimited information on their goals as they grow up. The 4G mobile broadband technology will give instant inspiration to the young generation as they are now able to connect with their role models in real-time.

The 4G mobile broadband technology has been rolled out in almost every corner of the country, notably with even the rural based population now able to initiate internet based communication. To prove her words, it’s of common knowledge now that we have our relatives in remote areas live on social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

NetOne 4G Packages

NetOne 4G Offering You Instant Connectivity

I personally believe its high time we start appreciating as a nation the good work that is being done by Reward Kangai’s led management team to keep NetOne moving with times. There was a time back then when we all thought NetOne will wake up one day without a single subscriber due to its previous late responds to market demands, but alas, Reward Kangai’s crew has managed to catch up with the rest of the bandwagon.

Just a little bit digging will show you that up to date, NetOne has become Zimbabwe’s highest paying telecom operator. It is a great motivational factor for its employees since the business managerial sciences clearly state that a motivated workforce will produce greater results. Therefore the current NetOne management team must surely be proud of themselves to have managed to keep the entity afloat in such a business environment with fierce competition. We cannot deny that this Orange team is causing untold suffering to once industrial champions such as Econet and Telecel.

For continuing to redefine Zimbabwe’s telecommunications sector, we would like to say well done team NetOne for reaching such phenomenal milestones. Yes it has become a common culture among our people to always complain but let’s appreciate and celebrate the brighter side of our life stories.

Our 2Cents:

As TechnoMag, our main vision is to promote and advocate for a level playing field in the tech industry. So with NetOne managing to keep up with competition, surely we have started witnessing the death of monopolists in Zimbabwe’s ICT industry. Yes, pure and satisfactory service delivery will being gradually ushered to every citizen!!

We have also done live-streaming services for events such as Live streaming IAD Innovation Africa Digital Summit and the Southern Africa Chief Justice Forum held in Victoria Falls.



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