Startup: New Online Shop Rocks Zim Retail Industry

Shopping has never been made easier in this life .Thanks to technology and innovative minds in this country we now have mobishoppa. MOBISHOPPA is an online shopping platform that allows you to buy all your favourite brands while giving you the opportunity to earn income while doing this.

MobiShoppa Homepage

MobiShoppa Homepage

MOBISHOPPA allows you to do your grocery shopping ,be it home, electronics, fashion, health and beauty and home and garden. Products such as  Samsung phones, hair products, facial creams, toiletries, health care,you name it are all on offer. With a free delivery of groceries which cost from $99 and more.

The most interesting part about this platform is how you get to earn at the same time. You can have a network of people, who you invite. Each person who accepts your invite and shops, earns you commision that is discounted off your purchases. The commission is yours to do with as you please. You may choose to use it as discount against your next purchases or withdraw it via ecocash or telecash! If you build up a network of active regular shoppers, you may never have to “purchase” groceries. Your commision will be able to cover for all your expenses! Its that great.


MobiShoppa-Shopping Experience

Some may be concerned about issues of privacy with regards to their shopping profiles being used for marketing purposes. The platform uses secure payment and server access protocols. This ensures that your shopping profile will never be linked to your personal data such as identity. Not even your payment information such as ecocash/ telecash account can be traced to a specific shopping profile. It’s that safe.

The online shop is beautifully designed in a simple to use manner. The discounts are varied and outrageous! There are no overhead expenses such premise rentals, salaries for shop staff etc. Hence there is more money to give back.

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