#FridayHacks: How Rice Saved My Wet Cellphone and Cameras

What probably began as a nice  sunny weekend outing at the National Sport Stadium, capturing close range photos and videos of the highly charged Vodacom Bulls vs  Toyota Cheetahs rugby match almost ended up as a tragedy as heavy rains pelted on the gigantic national stadium.

After good minutes of being soaked up by the untimely rains, my pockets and fire fighting umbrella system could not e bear the heavy 15 minutes of massive raindrops, unfortunately for my high tech gadgets, the rains had completely soaked them up and thank goodness i remembered the first basic safety measure.

2. Allow the gadget to dry by wiping any visible water with a dry smooth cloth and if you have generous sunshine, , you may hang out your gadget direct on the sunshine but do not let it heat out since overheating may damage some chips

Now for the amazing magic, 3.Dip the gadget completely into rice, this is what i had to simply do and here patience as well pays, do not try to be experimental, waiting for 3-4 days will give you best results depending on how bad the the immersing was.

On the third day i went straight to all gadgets, my smart-phone and canon camera, inserted the battery and with so much anticipation, switched on the gadgets,and just like that, the gadgets all resurrected back to life.

This is a very cool and handy tip that can save you money and  still may not void your warranty before you get your product back to your supplier. This formula worked like a charm for me but i guess we should keep it very clear on sticking points, quickly switch off your device by removing battery, be patient and allow the rice to suck in the moisture over a longer time and by simply doing that, you have higher chances of recovering your device.

Do not try a hair blower at home, it will burn out the sensitive chips and microwave is a non starter as well, when you can access a technician quickly hand over your gadget and they will use the safe hot ir technology to completely wipe out moisture.

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  1. Ah all this while i thought the rice thing was just a myth,What does the rice do exactly to dry up the water in the gadgets?

  2. @Tanaka Chinemo on

    I also tried this when my phone was accidentally thrown in a tub full of water by my son some time back,Now my phone is up and running

  3. Yea, i heard about this technique many times before but i always thought twas just comfort talk. At least now its been backed by Techno gurus.

  4. This is a good idea and it saves money too not mentioning your information this smartphones will be carrying. But some smartphones of today have the non-removable battery on such a gadget what would you advice me to do.

  5. haaaaa this message came just a little bit too late, my son soaked my phone in a bowl of water and the first thing that came to mind was a hair blower and it never got to see the light of day

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