#MondayBlues: NetOne Scandal! Nothing But a Smoke Screen.

So we closed the weekend with one huge headline that exposed graft and incompetence behind NetOne with allegations of millions to have been misappropriated and thousands have questioned how #MondayBlues could have missed such a juicy story.

Well the answer is simple, #Mondayblues does not miss anything that juicy, a lot has been going on from November 2015 just after the  new team settled at 12th floor and we have been quietly following on the progress.

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We give thumbs up to the new CFO who brought some revelation that some things were not well, this is her duty and she did it well and deserves all the support but wait a minute..

It is no longer  news that NetOne made a meagre $1 000 profit from one wallet because we broke this news a long time ago before she was even appointed! And how much was invested to a failed mobile money transfer system is not directly proportional to its operational.

Remember NetOne made an advance payment of $600 000 anticipating that the One Wallet was going to be a bang, years later before it turned out to be unsuccessful even after relaunching it ,  of course mainly because they sat on the golden opportunity and were clueless , also One Wallet came to the market way before Ecocash.

The other issue that raises eyebrows is the fact that the CEO is being stated to be firing the CFO over allegations, well this is where the plot not all these misappropriation and accounting for coupons issues over actual coupons used.

If the NetOne CEO Mr Reward Kangai honestly wanted to fire the lady then this was meant to come as  the biggest joke for two obvious reasons, he is concealing evidence, (though we are not sure which one since everyone already knows about the revelations), or option two Kangai may have forgotten that he did not appoint the person so he can’t fire the executive something i doubt he could do.

All the top executives were appointed by the board and as reported last year, the CEO was not even part of the team, hence he does not have veto power to fire someone he did not hire.

This reminds me of a the same kind of a story which the CEO himself came out with when he blamed the corrupt Netone managers and the system before they were arrested,and recently Netone was at loggerheads blaming government for milking its resources. while nothing was said when Netone lost $5 million worth of airtime.

If all these pointers were done to expose graft and fund misappropriation then why is the same Kangai a victim now?

So what are we missing here?

There is a big story and this one is nothing but a smoke screen!

Sources allege that the CFO was only considered to take the post after serious considerations and  they knew very well that she was pregnant and  was soon going to be demanding  her right to a maternity leave, meaning this was never an issue. Besides the NetOne board has a good woman representation and discrimination based on gender is a non-starter.

So why did the board take so much time to offer her the job, just like they did to the controversial COO post there was a lot at play here, but what is it really?



Is it an criminal case because the press has got it, or it was always when the revelations were brought on forth 2months ago?


Conspiracy! Conspiracy! Conspiracy! Everyone knows who is behind the move, but  also it seems everyone does not know why especially now?

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  1. NICE PIECE OF LITERATURE, The headline is misleading and there is no news i think you should well research before dishing out commentaries cause its answers we want not questions.

  2. dear editor this is your personal analysis and I beg to differ, conspiracy yes, smoke screen nah, I believe there is no smoke without fire. if you use your skills a whole lot more, come next week Monday I cant wait to hear you acknowledge that indeed some thing was up

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