NetOne To Launch "Real Hot" Data Bundles

The Netone team at the 12th floor have packaged data bundles that will give subscribers all the reasons to move over to their network, in a  move that is now seeing the current “Luke warm”  data bundles getting fired up to shake up the market.

Sources close to development have divulged that NetOne has moved in to do, just that one thing Econet refused to, and we are now heading for a showdown as the new management team at Netone has proved to be dare devils and take the market head on with real products that impact.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

The Econet $1 for 250mb ultimately comes second in the market on value and also weaker since it expires every 24hrs, a move which was greatly critiqued although it still makes sense for heavy users.

Telecel Zimbabwe is still in a freeze mode and hopefully after the 17th they get their wings to fly.

However Telone may have unveiled the most affordable data bundles on the market for $1 per 1g,  but their platform is limited to certain spots, making mobile data bundles an on the go all time favorite.

This is one of the few moves NetOne has done to actually reach out of their market and attract new clients while we strongly feel that such a move will obviously  increase their subscriber base, with a potential of over 30% increase as millions rely on data on the go.


The engineering has been simple, if they can cater for the data hungry market then they have finally broken the ice and solved the puzzle to register a major jump in their subscriber base.

netone-pic-update (1)

Today millions of Zimbabweans have more than two lines and NetOne has been King over voice services yet their data packages have failed to impact and not competitive.

The move will simply ,mean that NetOne is likely to shoot up its Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) as subscriber will no longer need to use other mobile lines for data and their network for voice,and  there seems to be every reason to stay stuck on their network and if they remain competitive they can take the market by storm.

Its now or never for NetOne, especially after the shake up that saw new management coming in and the New COO appointment, the market is waiting for exciting products at the time when brand confidence is seeing another opportunity to be returned.

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  1. @Kwaedza Muzimbabwe on

    yeah.bold move indeed…i just hope these massive promotions bring them profits…..heard there was misuse of funds which was discovered lately at the company

  2. Netone unlike econet is not profit oriented I hope they change this stance at the same time hope they will not annoy us like econet does

  3. @kwaedza that is so true netone never seems to embark on things that will give them money, hope these promotions will rank them on top

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