NetOne Has Added 148 Base Station and Counting.

The state owned operator,  Netone has largely given credit to their $218 million loan deal which  has allowed them to completely  cover Harare  to Beitbridge, as they roll out serious national coverage to clear out patches in Zimbabwe.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Speaking to TechnoMag in an interview, The Netone CEO Mr Reward Kangai said that they have seriously capacitated  their network though they could have done much better if their Chinese loan deal was not frustrated and sabotaged by  opportunistic vultures.

“We had made a provision $350million from the Chinese funding, unfortunately it was  fought all the way forcing the whole tender to be slashed down to $218millon.

Mr Kangai said that they had  targeted 370 base station  but these were provisionally reduced 175, we had made a provision for 60 solar base station which should run without electricity and diesel but all these were removed from the request, which forced  the project to downsize and reduced the effectiveness”.


However the Netone CEO since formation has said that they are now averagely installing a single new base station every day and 23 base stations have already been this year with 8 going live over the last weekend.

Netone has added 10 more base stations from  Harare to Plumtree boarder as they  patch up to increase seamless connectivity.

Sources close to developments said that Netone has increased their revenues to $123 million and their unaudited results are already reflecting $5million profit, a positive they have not made in years since incorporated.

Netone has CEO confirmed that they have Cancelled two of  their of legacy debts, as they head towards profitability.


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