#MondayBlues: Big Brother Econet Gives And Takes

We have been so much overwhelmed by the “good gesture” extended to us by our big brother Econet Wireles Zimbabwe, and frankly it makes sense to say Thank you Econet Wireless Zimbabwe for the data bundles, but wait a minute, is this pure generosity or a subtle move to continue milking the subscriber.

I read an article by an esteemed editor, for you TechnoMag, which while from a general perspective, it may sound good and all, but just to be candid through your #MondayBlues, you thanked Econet Wireless for finding new ways to steal from the masses who are ignorantly and desperately trying to be online.

I have always questioned Econets’ sincerity when they recently launched their latest “LTE” bundles or data bundle, which saw them offering as much as 250mb for a dollar and 1g for dream bundles plus and so much more data of 1g for $2.

This is not sincerity but absolute milking which demands all Zimbabweans to stand against and directly protest to end this madness before it officially becomes part of our culture to simply look and watch while things are not alright in Zimbabwe.

The logic is very simple, Econet knows you need so much data, in fact we all need more than what we can use and Econet creates a superfluous package. After doing that they want to seem like they are giving you too much data yet in actual essence they are giving you little to nothing because they know more 70% are ordinary users who will not even finish the data any way.

econet data rates

Yes it may be a different story to some heavy users who strongly rely on downloading, something that we do from our fixed fibre, ADSL or Wimax and not really on mobile broadband but a beauty of course once you tether your phone to your laptop.

Back to my grade 7 mathematics to Econet, $50 according to your promotion was only offering 2500 mb, while $2 has 1000mb hence in your school of thought $2 is 25 times stronger than $50!

Here is the reap off that really gets me mad!Exactly 12:00 midnight, all my bundles are gone! Big brother has taken them back and yet few hours i was celebrating.

Econet wireless knows that you cant use all these bundles and till tomorrow you need more so they are playing a cash cow game to Zimbabweans. I will not be shocked even if they offer 10gig for a dollar, of-course they will throttle the traffic or remove the images just like on their free twitter, if a all they decide to give at that rate.

So by offering cheap bundles, they are forcing Zimbabwean to have a false sense of expectation and telling them that they have so much more yet before the new day comes you have nothing and are bound to go buy new bundles which you need to chase up again before they expire.

Why are they only giving you 250mb of data for $5, simply because they last for 30 days? If the duration of bundles is more important than giving you access to the Internet then they are worse off than cunning crooks who know you are buying what you can even loose.
If Econet is really sincere they should simply extend the time frame for their $2 bundle at the same data capacity , then we know they really want you to enjoy the data they are giving away not this artificial service that is benefiting a few.

The worst enemies here are the competitors who are now spectators while Econet is busy running the show!

Its a May day to NetOne or Telecel Please stand up and correct this madness otherwise history will greatly judge you as well. You are already getting unlimited bandwidth that you are fully paying for anyway!


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  1. Correct me if im wrong here, arent these promotions? Becuase if they are Econet rightfully is able to package their promotions , we cant complain about that . But if its not a promotion, it is so unfair to have such packages. We look back at the 2005 era whereby a line was going for $70 , a lot of us people bought lines for such a price and yet making a line is less than $2, one day we will look back and see how much weve been robbed . At the same time i do side Econet on shareholder basis , these lads are trying to please shareholders so that they can make money from the stocks.

  2. @most aligned you’re correct to pin point thy are rightfully endowed to do as they please but if they are robbing people im sure we have to have someone lobby for us.

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