…And Telone Unveils 1G For $1

Interesting times ahead as data is finally dropping, Much joy to their clients, TelOne today announced that they have increased their data limit from the current 350mb to a whopping 1G as the competition for data access reaches fiver pitch in Zimbabwe.

Subscribers for the TelOne  WiFi package are the ultimate beneficiaries since the product was launched 6 months ago, the prices have continued to go down and this time around its a major discount in short space of time since their last adjustments.

They initially launched the first ever most affordable data promotion when they torched a storm with $1 for 100mb data WiFi hotspots, before they announced another extra bonus 250mb to the dollar to make it a 350mb.

Today`s move triples the offer as Zimbabwean telecommunications operator self regulate on the broadband offers, as competition and need to retain market base continues to pressurize them.

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  1. Lol I’m loving this competition ..These data bundles keep getting better and better.who knows,next time we are going to hear that these companies are giving out free unlimited data for a month

  2. with the way things are ggetting hypet affordable in Zimbabwe. . Im proud to be zimbabwean @mr cool guy that is utopian we can reach a certain level but trust me not that one bro

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