Free Valentine Calls From Netone

Netone will be running free valentine calls for intra calls (Netone-Netone) on the 14th  of February for subscribers who top up with at least $5 anytime between now and the 13th of February 2015.

However the promotion may still be overshadowed by the unbeatable $1 per day promo, a major cornerstone which has propped up Netone to where it is today, since it allows callers 30 minutes calls from  6am to 6pm while it then lifts the cap to unlimited if you have not completely exhaust your minutes after 6pm.

With that in mind, the promotion may be a win-win to all consistent dollar per day subscribers and the $5 ones since the unlimited minutes for on Net are still available even after topping up with just a dollar, the major difference however is that this time, for those who may have topped up with a dollar prior to the day, they will enjoy free calls even without topping up.



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  1. Great promotion but I thought it would offer even if you have not topped up anyhow. But zvisinei ticyafona kusvika tati its bhoo

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