Zimgadget, A New Tech News Website Launched!

Young Zimbabwe tech ethusiasists recently launched a new wordpress hosted tech news and opinion website trending by the tag name zimgadget.co.zw 

Staterd initially as a twitter handle, talking about gagdets mostly, these guys have been seriously engaging and dessiminating tech related issues, and we guess they saw it was time for them to up the game and own the content they tweet and share to a local host.



The Zimgadget idea got good response from their Whatsapp group with tech ethusiasts volunteering to present various insights well polished articles and we look forward to their contribution as an emerging tech voice.

Here is their full press statement.

Welcome to our new and humbled corner of the internet. Just this past week, we were hard at work trying to set things up, figuring what needs to be done to make this day possible, and today I’m proud to welcome you to the Zimgadget blog.

Traditionally, this introductory note would usually be followed by a fluffed up, tour de force mission statement and maybe some hefty backstory to go with it. But this one’s a little different so far following its humble roots as well.

Zimgadget started as an idea in 2014. The question here was, What if we had a site where technology and culture shared a common ground, but done so well that anyone can read it?

That idea soon became a blog with the same name, but mostly hosted on wordpress.com. The blog garnered enough attention and it did serve its purpose but the return towards how it would grow wasn’t exactly clear. So we decided to take it a step further, give it enough life to sustain itself and at the same time help those that generate content for the site.

Starting off 2016, Zimgadget is now self-hosted and with a healthy team of contributors willing to give up the time to change people’s lives. Our coverage now oversees a more diverse range of topics from everyday social media, lifestyle, technology and marketing.

There will be coverage on topics concerning Zimbabwe and Southern Africa as we forge our way by leaning towards the rather unconventional stuff: moving content that bears meaning and relevance to our present day.

Alongside this blog is a podcast named The Fewture with an unconventional take on trending topics as well as informative interviews to help you navigate the internet. This podcast will be updated as often as possible, targeting a regular cycle of one show in two weeks. It will start a little later on and we’ll update on anything pertaining to it.

Why did we choose to do this?

There are countless other tech and lifestyle blogs out there, churning some great content every day. And it seems, for that reason alone, more content being produced may be a little too much. To the point where all that follows is noise. But I also believe what matters is how much weight our voice carries. In that case, it also means there’s still space for the new, a way to give a different perspective that matters and offers a new view on how things are done, how stories are told.

For the most part, this blog will be about convening topics that wouldn’t normally be discussed. And this is all done in a way that’s exceedingly objective and transparent throughout each process.

I’m so excited to be making this announcement and I can’t wait to have this started.

Welcome to this weirdly authentic side of the internet.

– Zac


3 thoughts on “Zimgadget, A New Tech News Website Launched!

  1. I love the way their website looks like. Its worldclass. And good to see these young techies emerging in tjos tough economy.

  2. gud thing new tech sites and this has increased the number of such sites in zim but its high time they also appreciate print than online only.

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