Econet Refunding Failed Data Bundles

Econet Wireless, the biggest mobile operator in Zimbabwe has surprised customers by refunding their accounts for failed daily bundle usage.

Econet  has been of late  denounced  for failing to consider their customers ‘s needs when it comes to the data bundles which just expire and stop working as soon as they reach their fixed time limit without considering whether the customer used them or not . The daily data bundle for example expire even if you don’t use any for that day.

By Delight Mawere

The question however is, are they refunding people who would not have used up their bundles until the expiry date?


Are they simply refunding customers who would have faced poor network connections and therefore unable to connect to the Internet?

Just recently this week they notified their customers that they were upgrading their network in other areas and that they were chances of network failure in those areas. We are just hoping its not because of this major upgrading that they were embarking on.

Whatever the reason for these refunds is, Well done Econet and we hope that this idea stays for good because a lot of customers have been unable to use up their bundles fully because of either poor network connection or the time limits that you set for these bundles.

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  1. Tsitsi Shambarichakwata on

    it seems like econet is now tired of eating our money and now refunding it.. Thats a little fair though we dont know what their motives are cz econet iTora Mari United

  2. but why are they only giving me 24 hrs only when i have 4gig which i bought on separate days am i not supposed to get 48 hrs

  3. Mashura chaiwo!!I received my own dollar refund yesterday.@ first i thought it was just me but my husband even received it.Thank you Econet ,

  4. Ever since I left Econet I have never experienced a problem with my dsta bundles being walloped. Its a good mobe though cause most people were abandoning Econet

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