TechnoMag Introduces Tech Experts Exchange Page

We are glad to announce that we have opened a weekly page that will allow Zimbabweans to get first hand information from tech experts in and around the nation.

While we have been doing our level best to inform and educate the reader, we strongly feel that we are not the best writers or experts to be writing all things tech and have been depriving the nation of the high quality content they deserve.


tech experts exchangeIn that regard we have opened a weekly Wednesday tech page running from tomorrow, where you will hear much deeper tech stuff and hopefully this will be much more informative, engaging and ultimately will help develop the growth of technology in Zimbabwe.

Writers who are currently hands on with various technologies will get preference and are being asked to contribute their insights or advice weekly to the Tech Expert Exchange page.

To get your article published, simply mail it to the editor (at), with or without pictures and we will run them weekly.

However this will not be a marketing opportunity for any brand, but rather we want to focus on the technology then we give full reference and credit to the writer, the company he/she represents and where the technology is working if applicable.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2016, we have lots of unpacked, exciting programs and hope to be updating you soon again in due progress.

season greetings!


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  1. Great initiative, we want to hear Potraz speaking especially on the issue of tariff increase that was effected recently. Please give them the platform to explain to us the consumers, other issues to be discussed is why are they not reducing data tariffs…There haven’t been much talk on data tariffs but voice why? We want all those issues to be addressed

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