Apple Music Reaches 10 Million Subscribers

Apple Music a music streaming service owned by Apple Inc has hit the 10 million subscriber mark , this was announced yesterday by the Apple Team. The music streaming service is now a year old , it startedd off as a 6 months test run and was officially opened as a real music streaming service which lead to the shut down of beats music which was valued at 3 billion.

Many artists are debating their music onto the Apple Music platform, their royalty payment system is said to be more flexible than other streaming services ,especially the spotify payment system which has been hackled with problems of rewarding royalties to artist.

There is however controvesy which is surrounding the 10 million mark ,some critics are saying that the “10 million” is a number inflated by non paying members .In recent studies it shows that Hip Hop is the most streamed type of music in the world, which makes the Beats By Dre a worthy investment I guess.

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5 thoughts on “Apple Music Reaches 10 Million Subscribers

  1. That’s good to hear. However, for those that aren’t at all interested in Apple Music as a streaming service, can Apple please make the iOS music app more usable, similar to how it was previously? There is no reason to lump “My Music” into one little tab, and not allow you to edit the tabs at the bottom of the screen at all, to bring back Songs, Artists, Albums, etc.

    For music browsing and listening, I still prefer my 6th gen iPod nano, or any of my older iPods, for that matter.

  2. I had Spotify for about a year or two and then Apple Music launched. Signed up for the trial and didn’t use either service much. Decided to keep Apple Music and ditch Spotify for a couple of reasons.

    * I grew very tired of the black and green color scheme.
    * Being able to say “Hey Siri – play whatever song I want/album/genre” is excellent!
    * Integration

    Apple has some work to do on the service/interface for sure but it’s a decent start and I am happy with it. I listen to music every so often but not enough to be hard core. I also enjoy having any song I want at my finger tips at any time. I also was never big on music purchasing either. Just casual all around.

  3. Do you want efficiency? get a cassette tape and a walkman. Take the tape, drop it in and that is it. Apple made technology clumsy and useless. I mean, when you start to add features not because they are needed but because you need to keep your employees working and show some sort of progress for the monthly board meeting….

    I have this predictions that this year tech companies like Apple will start to lose value because people are just fine with what they have. Technology need to evolve based on needs and for the last 3 years we have been getting features tat are just leisure. I mean, now days is a matter of chose and taste, no need.

    I have a 42: Samsung HD TV, I do not need a 4K, why? if cable companies still offering a super compress bad resolution HD signal, they are the ones who need to upgrade, not me. My iPhone 5 runs just fine, no need for a new one. The computer I am typing is a 2008 Mac pro with the 30″ Apple cinema display, and guess what? I am a manager ata multi channel network. There is no need for a new mac pro unless you are into 3D or who knows what.

    So, in the big picture there is no need for new technology at least in the direction things are taking.

    Actually, in December I noticed something very bad, I was at Disney and I took the ride of Tomorrowland, and all the things expose to give you a look into the future were just black. I went to Epcot and the same things I saw early 90’s. I saw the CES reviews… is like Hollywood… re dos, re makes. That is a convention that you need to go each 10 years and all what they are showing was showed back at Sigraph in 2007.

    Any way… my worry is that we may have some sort of crisis and that will affect the economy badly in a few months, usually by Summer you will see some red alarms going off.

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