ZOL Peers Netflix, Is This The Death Of Kwese?


Zol Zimbabwe may have just killed it, or its all about traffic! They have just  done yet another unthinkable move by peering probably the world`s biggest commercial online TV, Netflix, or is it the competitor to their sister company, Kwese TV to provide content to Zimbabwe.

ZOL Zimbabwe announced that they have peered Netflix after  recently signed up Zimbabwe, which makes it now easier and more direct for any Zimbabwean to watch or stream live from the US based servers which are now peering the content for better speeds as they will work like they are locally hosted.

For the ISPs, its no-brainer, they make money on traffic, the more you use, the more they charge and its all business. Just like when operators seemed to be propping their competition while introducing Whatsapp bundles, they were actually looking into new and emerging, sustainable, consistent revenues streams

According to ZOL Zimbabwe ,the Video on Demand (VOD) service allows internet connected devices access to Netflix’s library of online content, and allows numerous individuals to take advantage of one individual’s subscription by insuring they login to their subscribing profile on the non-subscriber’s smart device/computer.

By subscribing to Netflix, a person or a group of people can have access to international media content such as the latest movies, documentaries and television series, as well as Netflix original programing like House of Cards, Arrested Development and Orange Is the New Black.

Through Liquid Telecom’s superfast Fibre, ZOL brings you the best experience in entertainment that Netflix has to offer. As it stands, Liquid is the only provider that can support Netflix through peering.

Peering is the exchange of traffic between two networks. If a network does not peer with another network its traffic will have to be carried by a third party to the destination. Liquid is a global carrier with peering agreements with global internet companies such as Netflix. This direct connection between Liquid and Netflix means when the movie you want to watch leaves Netflix, we carry it directly from the source straight to your computer! There is no middleman or possible bottlenecks that will affect your experience.

So what does this all mean to the Fibroniks customer or the avid fan of good entertainment? Netflix represents the future of entertainment, and as with all things trending, you do not want to be left behind on the excitement.

Netflix bridges the gap between traditional satellite TV services like DSTV and movie/DVD releases by giving you the best the world of entertainment can give, when you want and on any device you desire.

ZOL Fibroniks subscribers can also  look forward to enjoying this service at any ZOLspot, giving you world class entertainment anywhere you are. As it stands there are no Mobile Network Operators that provide unlimited data to support HD streaming, making ZOL Fibroniks the number one option for an uninterrupted Netflix experience.

The question is so how will Kwese become competitive, has it died a still birth, or maybe their sister company will simply Zero rate when it launches.


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  1. Great idea, thanks to the ZOL team your efficiency and urgency is commendable. After that meeting with ISOC rep (Mwangi) you have made it. Thats great, this is the beginning of a new era in ZIm. Data rates are going to fall. we like it as consumers.

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