Breaking: POTRAZ increase mobile tariffs

The Postal Telecommunications and regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) has increased tariffs  for all mobile calls effective 4th of January 2016.

BY Toneo Tonderai Rutsito.



The minister of ICT Postal and Courier services , Hon Sup Mandiwanzira,  exactly a year ago announced a 35% tariff slash,  and adviced that a future downward review  would be imminent since our tariffs were too expensive ,  a move today unfortunately we strongly think has contributed  to crippling the sector  which is Zimbabwe’s second largest tax paying industry,  as we face serious economic challenges.

This was one bold and informed decision by the minister to review the tarrif upwards,  as the sector has been sounding a May day!

The second review has been recieved  well by operators, while to a larger extent they strongly feel that government  could do better as the last slash from an all time high of 26 cents to 15 cents saw them  lose a whopping  11cents.

The meagre increase  may not be significantly felt  by both subscribers and operators  but a cent for every million active users will mean so  much more to the operators.

The Zimbabwean Mobile operators have been seriously lobbying government since the last year increase  which had rendered  them crippled with serious revenue decline amid increasing  operational costs which saw Econet taking Potraz to court,  a case they lost with costs.

The operators are currently  seized with the 35% tarrif slash,  5% on juice  cards,  15%Vat, 10% tax, excise duty plus a reintroduction of duty on ICTs.










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