Thank You Econet For The Data Bundles

Probably the shortest article i have ever written!

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Thank you Econet Wireless Zimbabwe for the data bundles, you have no idea how you have changed lives and made it possible for millions of Zimbabwe.

We are so used to critiquing  and analyzing but never take time to simply say the honest truth!

Just a few and honest words like Thank you!

Econet data slash

This used to be a dream world, but mobility on the go with  250mb of data is not something that we can take for granted only for a Dollar!

I dont want to complain that they expire too early, but let me just say Thank you for earnestly  thinking about us for this long, since the 5th of June.

Long Live data bundles.


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  1. Its The Matrix on

    mmmm mmmm Matsotsi aya, 250mb pa phone dzino expire every day, you should have written about that not the thank you nonsense, who finishes 250mb daily, its a way to keep you slaved and hooked to the econet Matrix, free your mind!

  2. empowered to change yuor world on

    You have no idea how i have managed to run my business solely on the bundles, if these go down im down as well so long live data bundles and thank you Econet!

  3. They have done good but we expect the best, why should one honestly buy bundles daily if econet is sincere their unless should be like the honest Netone which lasts for weeks without making us their cash cows selling u what we will never use, its trickery!!!

  4. for once lets be thankful for what we have if we need more in future, a simple Thank you Econet Wont hurt coz i know you are on their bundles right now

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