Six New Private TV Stations To Hit Zimbabwe

In a statement from the Herald, government announced that The digitalisation exercise will create room for 12 high definition (HD) television channels of which six will be owned by Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation while the remainder will go to private broadcasters.

Since Independence, Zimbabwe only had Joy TV as a private player who lasted only a short stint before the stations was closed by state, and ZBC, the  struggling only TV broadcaster in Zimbabwe has lost the national confidence mainly due to lack of good content and propagating political messages at the expense of their viewers.


Zimbabwe is expected to launch its first digital television by March this year, while the major question they still need to solve is the content creation and availability, although millions today now rely on free and uncontrolled platforms like YouTube to launch and air their videos.

The situation has been sad to an extent that most Zimbabweans  do not even care about selling their hard earned content but freely and willingly, they would rather thank Google for the massive YouTube views since the local broadcaster has been relegated to nothing but a news media house.


“The solution is not to look for content beyond our borders. No! The solution is to produce our own local content which is beyond reproach and matches international standards, if not better. “We have to produce content for our country, for the region and beyond as we market ourselves as Zimbabweans in the global village in the long run.”

“We are not congregating to produce content for any one broadcaster. When we have done our digitalisation, we shall have 12 HD channels. “With those 12 HD channels, from the perspective of Government, I am not interested in any one of them, I am interested in all of them. Which means there is no first born, there is no second born, there is no last born. They are channels whose duty is to keep Zimbabweans entertained, informed and educated.
“That means our focus in terms of production is to produce content minimally for Zimbabweans and maximally for Africa. Let us be very, very, very clear. “Nigeria has taught us that it is possible for one to launch a broadcast industry that caters beyond your national borders,” said Mr Charamba.

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  1. Seriously you cant watch ztv unless if u r having serious problems with your dstv, dvd player internet etc there is poor video quality its like watch videos from the 70s maybe for news updates but you would rather listen on radio shame on you dead b.c

  2. For zim broadcasting to improve i think the responsible people should look at their competitors for instance dstv how they do it the content that they air and so on

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