#MondayBlues : Things Falling Apart For Nettcash

Earlier on this year, they made our headlines for being the most promising mobile money transfer agent to come up with potential to even challenge Ecocash, getting yet another jab, when they partnered internationally acclaimed Mozido but slow down, new information has emerged.
#Mondayblues has been informed that something has gone very wrong at Nettcash, maybe its not something but everything and it seems things are falling apart as Nettcash has been reported to have been dismissing their employees under unclear circumstances seeing many packing amid nepotism allegations while generally their marketing team has been invisible, toning down the pace they had promised for a contending brand.

Remaining workers are reportedly in fear of dismisal through termination of contracts as the company has been handing out these kinds of letters of late.
One clear example that has surfaced is the sacking of A Regional Manager Mr Tekere and sudden resignation of the Harare Regional Manager.

The issue of salaries has also been a major problem with workers reportedly being given salaries after the 15th of the month and some who had their contracts terminated have not received their three months salaries as of yet.

However, when we spoke to the CEO of Nettcash, Mr D Kutena he said “we have been paying everyone well and all was well at Nettcash”, He promised to give all the details but unfortunately his mobile phone was unreachable for follow ups.

Mr Kutena said “most of the people that we have sacked were not performing according to our standards and they were not achieving their targets. We asked everyone to fill self evaluation forms and there is enough evidence to show that these people were not performing well, this includes also the former regional manager”

He also said, “Unfortunately i cant discuss further on the issue because they are sub judice therefore it cannot be discussed to the media”

Nettcash is in a dilemma at a time when Econet has introduced a service whereby Ecocash can send money to any network , a service which Nettcash boasts. We will keep on updating you as we sniff out for more information and details.

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7 thoughts on “#MondayBlues : Things Falling Apart For Nettcash

  1. These companies have to take into cognition that, employees are very important in the growth of a company therefore are not supposed to be treated like pieces of trash. Respect employees and they will respect you as well. This is a true reflection of disappointed sacked employees

  2. Rightly said tongai, you know big bosses sometimes take us for granted, like pieces of crap, they dont respect employees yet we are the ones who make the brand great, if you look closely those guys who have been at the helm of the company are the ones who get kicked out kana company yaita mari and you expect that person to smile. Some employees put all their resources for the betterment of the company and after such sacrificial move you get kick out as bonus, i will not buy that to be honest, will expose the ills of the company

  3. really Mr D Kutena i don’t think you could employ an under performing regional manager cause far as we are concerned your bulawayo office has been under construction since the launch of the bulawayo office ,so really who can perfom in a company that has poor funding and your marketing team is always stationery in the office and your machines are always down

  4. His comments are false and he is trying to hide away from a case of serious mismanagement. Nepotism is rife at NettCash where the majority of the employees are family and friends. Staff who have been let go are the ones that ask questions and are not family. The new shareholder is struggling with these things and they are at loggerheads on the matter

  5. Not only Nettcash employees are affected, this has been happening industry-wide and as rightly said, those who ask questions are the ones targeted just to settle personal scores.

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