Noo Econet Did Not Fire Ranga Mberi!

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has responded that they did not fire Ranga Mberi as previously questioned by #MondayBlues last week, but rather he willingly fully left!

Speaking to the group Group Media Advisor, Mr Sure Kamhunga, he said that, “We wish to point out that Mr Mberi was not dismissed and his departure from the company was amicable. The reasons for his resignation however remain confidential between the company and Mr Mberi.”

Mr Kamhunga could not be drawn to explain the details surrounding the matter but maintained that it was confidential.

Ranga Mberi was the corporate communication manager, with Econet Wireless Zimbabwe.

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11 thoughts on “Noo Econet Did Not Fire Ranga Mberi!

  1. Someone is missing the mark here, that is not true, ask me will tell you what happened between Ranga Mberi and the Delta bosses, i will tell you what led to his oust, the iron man Mboweni sent the guy packing forthwith

  2. Please dig deeper on what really happened. We want to know why did that happen. Was he fired over the Delta issue which he was found guilt by the two boss Mboweni and Delta Boss.

  3. @tatenda and @rudo, that is journalism for you if you didn’t know. Journos are identified with scooping hot stories, break a story and become familiar in the journo space, that is the tag line, and you have to be thankful that these have come out in the open and say it was not firing but an amicable resignation which i am reliably informed that its not true, the guy was fired after a comment which was targeting Delta Beverages, a source said.

  4. The Ranga Mberi saga is shocking, something happened between Ranga and ther Delta boss , Editor you left out some worms in the can.

  5. @Tsitsi i am sure you are just using emotions rather than facts, there is no need to apply a judicial law in that case it doesn’t qualify. The guy left the company, how and why requires an investigative journalism which these guys have given you, so they are vindicated, how is it judicial? Maybe i missed something, thanks for the clarification

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