MISA Zim is Holding an Internet Governance Conference Tomorrow

The Media Institute of Southern Africa Zimbabwe (MISA) is holding an Internet Governance Conference running under the theme “Supporting Free & Secure Online Expression and Access to Information in Zimbabwe” tomorrow at the Jameson Hotel in Harare.

The one day event will be graced by experts from digital industry, media law, telecommunications regulatory authority, Internet Society of Zimbabwe to mention a few.

The purpose of the event is to deliberate on the future of Zimbabwe’s Internet Ecosystem – Plans for Reach, Sustainability & Governance to be spearheaded by the minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services, Hon. Supa Mandiwanzira.

Key issues to be addressed include: 1. The evolution of Internet service business models – opportunities & challenges 2.Laws affecting internet use in Zimbabwe, Internet democracy – regional trends, restrictions and limitations of information, communication and internet rights, Zimbabwe’s plans on IG among others.

Here is the full event programme;

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6 thoughts on “MISA Zim is Holding an Internet Governance Conference Tomorrow

  1. Its importance lies in its ability to facilitate discourse btwn government, private companies, technical community and civil society organisations that deal with or are interested in internet governance related public policy issues

  2. Yes this is wre they discuss proposed regulatory framework potential risks, global trends as well as best and worst practices that have been adopted or are currently under discussion and in this case the media house is concerned

  3. Also this will help us to increase the opportunity to foster the sustainability robustness , security stability and development of the internet as well as to find solutions to the issues arising from the use and misuse of internet of particular concern to everyday issues

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