G-Tel Finally Enters the Kenyan Market

G-Telecoms (G-Tel), local smartphone manufacturer has been reportedly teamed up with one of telecoms operator in Kenya (Airtel Kenya) to offer phones on contract, giving customers flexible repayment plans. This is after they had a set back with Safaricom back in May.

According to the report, G-Tel will sell contract phones to Airtel customers and will pay for the handsets in monthly installments. Buyers of G-Tel smartphones will get pre-set airtime, SMS and data bundles for use every month.

The report also stated that the company had initially intended to sign a deal with Safaricom but this did not work out hence the decision to approach Airtel.

G-Tel Kenya CEO Virgil Musvosvi said, “The company had intended to sign a deal with Safaricom but this did not work out. He said the partnership with Airtel was also informed by the operator’s big network in Africa, which would ease its entry in countries where Airtel already has a presence. There is no timeline on when the partnership with Airtel will end.”

G-Tel mobile phones will not be locked to Airtel subscribers. They are also open for use on other mobile service networks. Subscribers will also be given upgraded phones whenever the company introduces a new device, while retaining the ones they already have.

The G-Tel has anticipated a sale of 300,000 units in Kenya by June 2016, when its financial year ends. Gtel has plans to open three shops in Nairobi and two in Mombasa within two months and grow operations to Nakuru, Eldoret and Kisumu.

Chinese phone such as Huawei and ZTE, have of late made inroads in Kenya targeting the youthful population with affordable mobile phone as competition in the industry have seen the cost of the devices go down in a sector that has previously been dominated by Samsung and Nokia.

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6 thoughts on “G-Tel Finally Enters the Kenyan Market

  1. Its a great move for chamu i salute his entreprenuership skills but im afraid that respect is limited to Zimbabwe , i hope he will adopts to the competitive environment there, because kenya is not a country with dull minds which are told “WE SOLD OVER 900K PHONES ” . Its also a technical country, and having hott coloured women during a launch there will certainly not change the mindsets of audience, worse off saying “our phone is better than an iphone” . not forgetting that the blogs there will EXPOSE where he is getting that phone which he re-brands .

  2. I thought Junta would be appreciative of what the local guys are doing, its very possible to reach that sale mark of 900k, remember its not yearly figure but i am sure its since their inception so lets be appreciative of what our local guys are doing. They are flying our beautiful flag high, now they are in Kenya, a highly recognised African country in terms of technology. So yeah, lets rally behind our own, we condone the African pull down mentality. But i must also not brash away the fact that Gtel phones are not yet at par with already established brands like Samsung and iPhone, if they are saying they are better than them then something must be wrong with them and they need to be told to stop fooling people

  3. Frankly who would want to buy those lies, please lets not waste people’s time by lying to them because the moment people get to know the truth it will be bad for the brand, so whoever is responsible please stop and tell the devoted consumers the truth rather than misleading them. What happened to Robert Gonye your former marketing manager ?

  4. There’s no airtel deal as of the writing of this post. Here’s response from airtel Kenya when I asked them to verify this blog post: “We currently do not have such a partnership.^Jamo”
    I’d recommend dotting all their I’s and crossing their t’s before going public with such information. Credibility is hard to earn back especially after they pulled the same stunt with safaricom last week

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