ZBC Lays Off 300 Workers, Sky is Still Falling

Slowly but surely, the sky is falling, the last statistics revealed that 18,000 employees have been fired so far by 48 companies countrywide since the July 17 Supreme Court outcome and many more have continued to add up to that number.

It is no news to laugh about anymore, as our own brothers and sisters continue to face the music of a ruthless economic environment, one which even the president’s utterances have been ignored and we doubt even if a new law will save the nation from the tsunami.

Following the sacking of Zbc tops bosses chief executive officer Happison Muchechetere and three other executive members , Zbc has gone further more by terminating contracts of a whopping 300 more revealed a source.
According to reliable sources more than 300 workers have been confirmed to have lost their jobs with immediate effect with the Gweru-based Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation’s (ZBC) Voice of Zimbabwe radio dismissing most of its workers, including all journalists in the news and current affairs department.

The termination of contract letter read as follows “We want to advice you that employer has decided to exercise its right in terms of the Commmon Law, and Section 12 (4) of the Labour Act (Chapter 23:01) (Hereinafter referred to as the “Labour Act ) to terminate your contract of employment on notice with immediate effect.

This comes at a time when ZBC is in the process of digitilisation and trying to fix their house which was a mess with the suspension of Muchechetere and three other executive; former general manager — finance Elliot Kasu, former general manager — radio services Allan Chiweshe and the former head — finance Ralph Nyambudzi’s contracts of employment were terminated on three months’ notice.

The main question is, what was ZBC doing with 300, dispensable, excess employees who were axed at once? or why have they fired 300 people at once if at all they were unnecessary, this surely raises eye brows.

Efforts to get comments from the the Public Relations officer were fruitless as the mobile phone was not reachable but we will be unfolding the story with latest details.

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10 thoughts on “ZBC Lays Off 300 Workers, Sky is Still Falling

  1. ZBC actually had all those workers on their team ?? their content is embarrasing i wonder what they will be producing from here on considering what seems like the majority of their team is gone

  2. I think the government or should open and approve tv broadcasting licenses to private companies since ZBC Cannot handle the pressure and will create more employment.

  3. i really wonder where our zim is going 1) vendors are being chased off the streets 2)workers are being fired and highest levels of unemployed citizens is rising 3) zimbabweans are being burnt in South Africa 4)those who have commuter omnibuses are being troubled by the metro police

  4. m really grieving because one of my relative who was an employee there was fired and they owed him $1 500 and i really wonder how he will survive with his family

  5. by firing all these pipo you guys are creating a better ground thieves and prostitutes wre will this lead lead vendors are no longer allowed this is just a reflection of a bad economy

  6. this is a true reflation of our economy. its not that those companies wants that but they are operating at a loss. things are bad. the biggest question is what is the solution to this.

  7. Only God can help this country. sorry to those brothers and sisters. lets all hope for better. i agree with you chipo things are bad.

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