ZOL "Stole" StarFm Presenter

Call them too ambitious or aggressive, but one thing that we cant take away from ZOL is their new energy to get things happening. They have become much louder and more visible than before, taking a major shift from the prior elitist approach of the yester year.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

The internet Service Provider has “stolen” a long time radio presenter, who initially was only presenting on various tech related subjects and news sessions.

Since ZOL Zimbabwe started their popular tech radio show , which initially was being presented by the eloquent StarFm news anchor and presenter, ZOl Zimbabwe has managed to identify the talent and swiftly lured the presenter to change stables.

Kudzai Sadomba is effectively no longer with Star FM radio, and has already joined ZOL Zimbabwe as their Social Media Manager.

Speaking during a Tête-à-tête, the CEO of ZOL Zimbabwe, Mr Denny Marandure confirmed the news that Kudzai Sadomba is no longer with the radio station but has joined the Internet Service Provider.

“Yes Kudzai is now with us as our Social media manager, he joined us a couple of weeks back now and we are excited about the future”

Kudzai Sadomba will still be presenting the weekly popular ZOL Tech radio show running every Thursdays, on StarFm , but under the ISP ticket.The show has so far taken a seasonal break ,and will recommence nextyear.

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6 thoughts on “ZOL "Stole" StarFm Presenter

  1. Sadomba was just a credible employee for ZOL because he is a good presenter what if star fm agreed willingly than kuti “stolen” .

  2. Was Kudzai looking for greener pastures or he had passion on social media marketing. What zol did is not professional its killing the industry.

  3. i really have to question their so called new energy to make things happen. Like their brother Econet i think they are after making huge profit at the expense of the poor. thumps up for their speeds and connectivity but their prize is questionable. Dont tell me they are the cheapest coz they are not.

  4. i just dont understand why they had to take him from star fm. im sure it was not after his social media marketing portfolio which we never had of. i hope he wont get dropped when it gets hotter.

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