Massive Anxiety Grips NetOne

NetOne board has caused massive anxiety at the mobile network operator affecting both current employees and the prospective candidates who had sailed through to the later stages as they continuously delay to announce the results months after the interviews.

The future has continued to hang in the balance for the top executives who now live to know their fate another day, causing serious focus shift from the core business of the mobile network operator.

“Even if I want to concentrate on my core business, its now impossible, i don’t know what the future has for me on this company, who knows maybe we will be given the infamous three months notice and pack up, but we have been here for the company for many years which makes it very unfair and traumatizing to say the least,” said one executive.

Another executive pronounced the whole exercise “retrogressive and unnecessary, only serving the interests of few individuals who want to plant their own people by importing individuals who fled the nation during economic hardship!”

The same feeling has hit some prospective employees who spoke to TechnoMag on condition of anonymity, expressing their disappointment on the delay to announce the results as this has greatly affected the executives on their plans.

“The board is not taking the candidates seriously, they are significant opportunities waiting for us in the region and making a decision to hold on to a prospective job is naive, besides that point, no executive will assume such a title in less than three months notice meaning they have wasted the whole year.”

Speaking to sources close to the matter, it was revealed that the Netone board was seating last week hoping to announce the results, but they have failed to agree on many technicalities.

“I was hopeful that the board would agree today after the boardroom meeting, but unfortunately they is a lot of due processes and bureaucratic processes that needs to be followed through before the results are officially out.” said the source.

It is also believed that the board could not agree on the assessment done to select the new top executives and have now introduced a new investigative commission to finalise the work.

“We have now consulted experts to help us deliberate on some finer details which have emerged after our meeting and we are hopeful that come next week, we should be ready to announce and get the ball rolling, “said another source.

Netone board had announced a shake up which is targeting top executives as they seek to revamp the mobile network which they believe can do so much more than its current performance hence the need for new blood.

Currently Netone is the fastest growing mobile network operator in Zimbabwe, and has managed to move from the traditional third biggest position to second when it acquired over three million subscribers this year.

Zimbabwe’s mobile network operators are currently facing their worst trading period ever with new taxes of 35% introduced against their revenues coupled with voice tariff reduction and the introduction mass IP based alternative communication modes.

The sector saw 70% dip in returns caused by 5 percent excise duty on airtime sales, a 25 percent duty on handsets and ICT products and a 5 cents levy per transaction on mobile money transfers, compounded by a 35 percent voice tariff reduction.

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12 thoughts on “Massive Anxiety Grips NetOne

  1. We r also anxious about the results we need to know if we are celebrating or not some of these executives are not doing their

  2. i dont believe that netone is the fastest mobile operator in zimbabwe 1) their network is very slow and horrible and sometimes if they notice that their network is low they dont even apologize

  3. The current executives should go becuase with the plenty promotions they have failed to win the competition against Ecdonet

  4. I know how it feels to be kept in suspense, this is not fair to say the least. I think the board which is the government should announce the new recruits rather keeping people in suspense, Supa and his board mustn’t take people for granted, let people know their fate in time for the purposes of planning and progress. I hate people who want to exercise their power through manipulation of the disadvantaged…Hope your overhaul exercise will pay dividends, if it doesn’t your profile Mr Supa will be dented

  5. Be it as it may , this is not shocking, what can you expect fro a ghost managing director who has no facebook page lol. So not Techie at all.

  6. clearly netone can be rated as the least performing because among 10 zimbo’s approx only 2 wil be on netone. it has to pull up ts sock by introducing more innovative products maybe that way employees will be safe.

  7. @tsitsi dollar a day succeeded yes but they also need to push other services as well they gained about a million subscribers so why not combine that promo with one wallet

  8. Lol. Its a pyramid of incompetence trying to recreate itself. A strategically deficient board can never create a strategically and tactically competent organisation! Lol! The board is most likely even worse than the top executive it is trying to shake up and you know it will not be a shakeup but a process of shaking Netone completely out of shape. Given me two years and you will come back here.

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