ZBC Manipulates Recent Court Ruling To Fire Executives

The national broadcaster, ZBC, has manipulated the recent Supreme Court ruling to fire the chief executive officer Happison Muchechetere and three other executive members. The quartet was previously on suspension over numerous accusations, chief among them the abuse of office.
Muchechetere and three other executive; former general manager — finance Elliot Kasu, former general manager — radio services Allan Chiweshe and the former head — finance Ralph Nyambudzi’s contracts of employment were terminated on three months’ notice.

According to the source, ZBC board chairperson Father Fidelis Munyoro said the four’s actions, decisions and behaviour was the reason why the national broadcaster was currently experiencing a desperate financial depression.

Munyoro said, “The ZBC Board is cleaning up all destructive elements within the corporation and opening a new page on which a new story of ZBC shall be written.”

“We believe it is possible for a parastatal to be run on the basis of good moral values, the principles of good governance and professional and effective business strategies. This is what we want ZBC to be, and it is indeed becoming that,” he continued.

The four executives (Muchechetere, Kasu, Chiweshe and Nyambudzi) were suspended in 2013 together with Tazzen Mandizvidza on allegations of gross mismanagement that prejudiced the corporation millions of dollars.

Munyoro said dismissals followed incriminating evidence against the four.

Muchechetere was dismissed together with the ZBC Board in 2013 by then minister of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services, Professor Jonathan Moyo on various allegations including abuse of office.

Meanwhile, Muchechetere’s house-hold property goes under the hammer at Revelations Auctioneers by the Sheriff of the High Court for failing to settle legal fees to Dube, Manikai and Hwacha legal practitioners.

Labour organisations estimate the number of workers who have lost jobs since the Supreme Court ruling giving companies the greenlight to fire workers without compensation mid last month has passed 20 000.

Credit : NewsDay

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4 thoughts on “ZBC Manipulates Recent Court Ruling To Fire Executives

  1. Its surprising that these guys werent fired yet, all along i thought they are history in the books of ZBC, firing fraudsters without penalising them is a sign of a corrupt governance. Poor governance and the reason why this country is moving backwards, guys prejudiced the national broadcaster of millions of dollars and instead of improsonment they get fired…bullshit country, roten government

  2. Mbava dzinopiwa 3months notice instead of 3years in prison, this country is fucken sic, the government sucks, everything sucks in this country, from the head to the bottom

  3. hahaha team iyi ichipo thought are nw history in the broadcasting field, is this what the heroes and heroines died for, muchechetere and team got a heroes present

  4. At least these pipo deserve to be fired for mismanagement of funds and office not all those other innocent workers who lost their jobs

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