Econet Boss Resigns

Econet wireless Zimbabwe has announced the resignation of one of its top officers. The officer who is said to be pursuing his own interest has left his position as of yesterday (30 July). The former Chief Commercial and Customer Service Officer, has vast experience in the telecommunications industry.

The former Boss, Stanley Henning, has worked for Mcel in Mozambique, Saicom International in South Africa, Telecel International in Nigeria, Uganda Telecommunications, and MTN (Uganda). He holds a BCom Degree from Stellenbosch University and a Diploma in Human Resources Management from University of Johannesburg.

In an announcement in the Herald, the telecoms giant expressed its gratitude for the contributions Henning provided.

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3 thoughts on “Econet Boss Resigns

  1. well was he fired then resigned to make it look good. maybe econet does not need CCCSO or whatever it is that he did for the company, he has an interview on your channel that leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. On a serious note is this a genuine resignation or mere scapegoat??? Smelling a big rate considering that the guy wasn’t that effective, might have been fired on condition of incompetence…Just saying

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