Zim Mobile Money And Digital Payments Awards 2015

Zimbabwe today saw the inaugural recognition of Zimbabwe`s leading mobile and digital payments players, an initiative driven by Oxylink, as they seek to recognize the nation`s best in the sector.
The awards were a follow up to the ongoing, mobile money and digital payments conference where various players exhibited their strengths and services in the sector, as they looked for best ways to forge ahead for the best of the sector.

The adjudicators of the awards are renowned experts from various fields which are closely related to the sector who sat down to agree on the best winner of the award after a thorough weigh in against a standard benchmak.

The team comprised of Pumula Kanyile, Garainashe Changunda, Chris Takunda Mugaga, Rosemary Siyachitema Shame Makoshori, Brains Muchemwa and Toneo Tonderai Rutsito.

Watch the full video Below and get all the pictures of the event here from our Facebook page!


Best mobile money and digital payments award – Telecoms sector

Nominees are Telecash, Ecocash and One Wallet
Winner is Ecocash

Best mobile money and digital payments award- Banking Sector

Nominees are CBZ, POSB, Steward bank and FBC
Winner is CABS

Most comprehensive and innovative package award- Payments
Nominees are Nettcash, Ecocash, Cabs and Steward bank
Winner is Nettcash

Best mobile money and digital payments award- Merchant
Nominees are Edgars, TM, Chicken inn, OK Zimbabwe and Spar
Winner is Ok Zimbabwe.

Best mobile money and digital payments award- Billers
Nominees are Zesa, Telone, multichoice, Nyaradzo group
Winner is zesa.

Best E-Commerce solution provider award
Nominees are Payserv, Zimswitch, Afrosoft and Paynow
Winner is Zimswitch

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20 thoughts on “Zim Mobile Money And Digital Payments Awards 2015

  1. Was OK supposed to be on the category because t has long been an agent, bt foodworld has been a merchant for long n ts not even on the nominees,

  2. michelle, ur right, all these big companies awarding each other so they can say they helping each other out and keep money within each other… they must invest in the youth, in their environment. but no they all want to be the big bosses… and where does it leave us the young and qualified. its saddening

  3. when they say “BEST” what are they saying here? Does Best mean longevity, more pronounced, wide coverage. I tend to be confused with these so called Awards

  4. Its unfortunate for netone being the main sponsor whoever is responsible for the onewallet is lazy one wallet is a good service but they lack marketing skills and focus right now it was supposed to be leading in every way not ecocash

  5. True @flo for example kwedu kwamurambinda hakuna one wallet yet all of my relatives use netone n when they need money I have to use ecocash netone needs to pull up their socks there

  6. Mobile money transfer system is the way to go this days and people should embrace before its too late, recently heard that the platform moved 2 billion and thats a whole lot of business hey

  7. Hats off to all the winners, it shows determination and passion, hard work is always recognised that is what happened, you got what you deserved. For those who couldn’t make it to the final, tough luck there is always tomorrow

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