Its Now Shingi Munyeza Vs Tom Nyandoro, Serious Frauds Docket Opened.

Few weeks back, #MondayBlues, refuted baseless unfounded claims and rumors that Shingi Munyeza was behind the formation of a fourth mobile operator, in fact we have it that the business mogul with other shareholders had resigned from his initial data convergent project, citing irreconcilable differences with the US based CEO, Mr Tom Nyandoro.

Initially, these Zimbabweans had formed a consortium called Convergent Communication Technologies (Pvt) Ltd which was a company registered in Zimbabwe for the purpose of acquiring spectrum and building, owning and maintaining a 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network supported by a national fibre optic backbone and back hauling network to effectively market and deliver triple play and related products.

The founding directors were Tom Nyandoro as the second largest shareholder, with Tapiwa Matambo, Francis Mawindi, Phillip Muchemwa, Cephas Masango, Gerry Dumani and Shingi Munyeza came in to help unlock funding.

Events following up the resignation and internal disputes have caused Mr Shingi Munyeza to lodge criminal charges against Mr Tom Nyandoro, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Convergent Communication Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

#Mondayblues has been furnished with the court papers that cites the US Based CEO is now under investigation, grounded in Zimbabwe and forced to submit his travel documents and expected to report to the nearest police station weekly, while investigations into the matter continue.

It is Mr Munyeza`s case that the former CEO of Convergent Communication Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Mr. Tom Nyandoro defrauded him a total of $15 000 under misrepresentation that the funds will act as a deposit to unlock potential funding of $100-$200 million, and to date nothing has materialized.

According to the police docket number CRB: 7844/15, there is evidence that the money was really transfered from Mr Munyeza`s FBC account as a Telegraphic Transfer into Freeman Commercial funding Chase`Manhattan Bank of USA as advised and Mr Tom Nyandoro does not deny the transaction thereof.

The docket reads:

docket reads
Asked to respond on the laid charges, Tom Nyandoro said that the money was not paid to him but the investment bank through one of the directors, Philip Muchemwa hence he is not answerable.

Tom Nyandoro argued that the four directors conspired to compete against him and violated the non disclosure agreement they had signed and now engaging their client using CCT Intellectual property for their new Kingville project and hence he is going to be placing charges against them.

“Shingi Munyeza, Tapiwa Matambo, Francis Mawindi and Phillip Muchemwa decided to resign from Convergent Communication Technologies (Pvt) Ltd and to compete with Convergent Communication Technologies (Pvt) Ltd using a company called Kingvile Investments (Pvt) Ltd. Kingvile Investments

(Pvt) Ltd is also registered in Zimbabwe. This action constituted a fundamental breach of the shareholders’ agreement that was signed by the parties when they were still working together under Convergent Communication Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
We also note that Nokia Siemens were advised of the formation of Kingvile Investments (Pvt) Ltd before the aforementioned members had resigned from Convergent Communication Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. The directors and shareholders of Kingvile Investments (Pvt) Ltd violated the shareholders’” said Mr Nyandoro.

However Kingvile responded that “By your own definition, CCT and Kingvile Investments are two independent companies and we signed Non-Disclosure agreements with each of the companies. We commit to you that we will honour our legal obligation as stipulated in the respective Non-disclosure agreements.

We will not be drawn into any shareholder disputes amongst common shareholders to both companies.
We reserve our rights to deal with any company that we chose and that approaches us for assistance under the terms of current and prior legal agreements between Jasco and its customers and partners. We see no basis for your claim for us to desist from a business relationship with Kingvile Investments.”

On the fraud charges, Dr Shingi Munyeza maintains that the transaction was fraudulent and prejudiced him of $15 000 hence he needs his capital back.

The case is now pending before the Zimbabwe criminal courts.

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15 thoughts on “Its Now Shingi Munyeza Vs Tom Nyandoro, Serious Frauds Docket Opened.

  1. Anonzi madiri patawundi, heard the Tom guy is a master of fraud, that is how he makes his monies, through conning unsuspecting people under the banner to unlock big business…that is the trap which Mr Munyeza fell into,

  2. I think its wise to do business with people with traceable business records not just doing business for the sake of doing it without due diligence of your partner. Its very sad when people loose their hard earned cash to fraudster like Tom Nyandoro…Bad

  3. This Con Artist Tom Nyandoro has screwed a lot of people in the Philadelphia area. The jury is out there for you Tom and your fake credentials. You have never and still can’t run a project and that’s why you were dismissed and blacklisted in the Caribbean (Cable Bahamas). Read the Bahamas Tribune guys. This clown is useless. The chickens will soon come home to roost

    – See more at:

  4. Sam

    This Con man is wanted for a lot of things and crimes he has committed against humanity. He had a case in Zim in which his own father was arrested and spent a week in jail for a botched real estate deal in Harare where he duped Tony Gara (Junior) and Gurupira. He left his own Dad languishing in custody while he was AWOL in the United states, pathetic idiot. There is a Commercial Crimes Docket (with CID at Charge Office in Harare) that was opened in 2008 for the fraud and this global conman has been evading justice for a long time. It’s time for him to be put away from civilized society for good

  5. Geez everyone knows you can’t sue ex directors for resigning. Resignation is a human right for anyone who isn’t happy with their employer. Kana munhu abva pakambani haungamutevere uchiti you cant do line of business of your former employer. Its like preventing Douglas Mboweni from becoming a CEO at Telecel simply because he is CEO at Econet. Intellectual property doesnt come into it because there is nothing intellectual property about running a telecoms company unless this Nyandoro character can prove that he registered a patent under CCT for some telecom innovation that is being used by Kingvile. This is why this Nyandoro character is now in hot soup coz he isn’t very bright is he. Not surprised Munyeza and Co resigned due to the difficulty of working with a character like Nyandoro. I have worked with similar people and these characters are all about unjust enrichment yet they have no real grasp of how the business or the legal world works. Now Nyandoro due to sour grapes wants to make a quick buck by suing resigned directors for “intellectual property” for a project that hasn’t even happened what an idiot! He owes Munyeza and Co a serious apology if he plans to get out of this coz legally his is clearly liable for theft via fraudulent misrepresentation which carries some heavy sentences ie he will rot in a Zim jail. Achadzidza kuti rino igore rezvidzidzo.


    FORMER chief executive officers of Africa Sun and and Telecel Zimbabwe, Shingi Munyeza and Francis Mawindi respectively and their two business associates have been sued by a former business partner for US$20 million for alleged breach of contract.

    Hazel Ndebele

    Tom Nyandoro, founder of Convergent Communications Technologies (CCT), filed papers at the High Court on July 13 against Munyeza, Mawindi, Tapiwa Matambo, Philip Muchemwa as well as Kingvile Investments, accusing them of appropriating his business idea and plan.

    But in response Munyeza reported a case of fraud with the Criminal Investigations Department’s Serious Fraud Squad accusing Nyandoro — a United States-based businessman — of swindling him of US$15 000.

    According to the High Court case number 6531/15, Nyandoro and CCT are claiming damages from Munyeza, Mahwindi, Matambo and Muchemwa consisting of US$12 million for breach of contract, US$5 million for “pure economic loss arising from the defendants’ unlawful competition by engaging in wrongful interference with the plaintiff’s trade or business”.

    He is also demanding US$3 million “for breach of the fiduciary duties owed by the defendants”.

    According to the summons, Nyandoro came up with a business idea involving the setting up of a new 4G LTE/fibre/triple-play/IPTV network in Zimbabwe, South Africa and other targeted markets.
    Nyandoro then entered into a business partnership with the defendants and incorporated CCT with Munyeza, Mawindi, Matambo and Muchemwa as directors upon signing contracts which stated that none of the parties would appropriate the business idea and business plans for private benefit.

    Nyandoro said he agreed with Munyeza that he would invest US$100 000 in return for 5% shareholding which would also entitle him to directorship. The money was supposed to be deposited into a CCT bank account.

    The defendants were supposed to introduce CCT to a South African business group, Jasco Group, to initiate the provision of the Jasco-managed Nokia LTE RAN/EPC/IMS/volte supporting elements.

    “Unknown to CCT and Nyandoro and in breach of the aforesaid contracts, the defendants decided to appropriate the business idea and business plan for their own separate benefits and decided that Kingvile Investments would be the company to implement the business idea and business plans hitherto under the exclusive preserve of the first plaintiff (CCT),” reads Nyandoro’s application.

    “… (They) contacted Jasco Group and misrepresented that the first plaintiff (CCT) was no longer the vehicle for the dealings involving the business idea and business plan and introduced fifth defendant (Kingvile Investments) as the new vehicle.”
    The defendants then allegedly resigned from CCT while pursuing the same business plan with Kingvile.

    Contacted for comment, Munyeza yesterday said: “He (Nyandoro) has no mandate to sue fellow shareholders for breaches that are only imagined by him, therefore we will not only defend this matter, but we will ask for its dismissal immediately so he can face a more serious matter of fraud which will have its next hearing on August 12, 2015.

    “Nyandoro is a fraudster who we only discovered after I was duped of US$15 000. We also discovered that he had done the same in Bahamas where he left under very suspicious circumstances.
    “There has been no breach whatsoever on our resignations as directors to CCT; we are still shareholders of the same company. I guess he will need to prove both the breach and the damages he suffered.”

    Nyandoro, however, said the fraud case reported by Munyeza was based on trumped up charges.

    Yesterday Munyeza through his lawyers requested the High Court for additional information to enable him and other defendants to file their opposing papers.

  7. Tom Nyandoro is a fraud and no one must ever do business with him, full of lies. Him and his wife Gene work together in fraudulent business deals that never materialise. He must be brought to book and jailed.

    He was once beaten in Philadelphia by a group of West Africans after he stole their money in his fake deals.

    Tom must rot in jail with his wife who is also a fraud.

  8. This Tom guy is crazy.He’s a fraudster extraordinaire but like everything his shit is gonna explode and he’ll suffer. That Gene is no better.She’s known to seduce men, sleep with them and get them for their money. Looks like the husband and wife team are in it together. Its a shame but hey that’s the life they chose.Maybe this Shingi guy might get some…..It would be hard to ask for your money back after some sexual favours.
    On a serious note stay as far away as possible from these con artists!

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