Welcome to the brand-new TechnoMag!

Like we had earlier on hinted on rebranding, TechnoMag now has a new world class standard website, as we put on a theme that has features for the future, like partial page refreshments to only focus on your specific part of the website and a sharp retina display amongst others.
Ofcourse it carries the obvious ones to make it responsive and looks amazing on any device, regardless of screen size and brand. This is the New US dear readers, we are LIVE and we would like to thank you all for bearing with us. You’ll notice a host of exciting changes to the site, all focused on giving you bigger, better and faster access to the tech stories you love.

Sleeker. Faster. More intuitive

A more immersive reading experience? We’re glad you asked. We’ve modernized our article pages and created a more responsive interface with quicker load times. So piloting between stories is stress-free and finding more content that appeals to you is just a click, swipe or tap away. Whether you are browsing on an iPad, Galaxy Note 4, Nokia Ash or any manner of generic Android devices the site will now adapt seamlessly as you browse and eating little bandwidth.

But that’s not all folks – this is but a preview of what is to come over the next few weeks, a process that we hope you will enjoy the fruits of for years to come.

Sharing just got simpler.

We’ve “created”an ever-present “Share” button that stays with you, so if you think it valuable to send a story to a colleague or friend, it’s simple to do so.

Let Us Know What You Think

We’d love to hear what you think, so please get in touch via the comments below, or Facebook and Twitter. All recommendations, enhancements you’ve dotted are very welcome indeed.

Even if it’s just about bugs you have grasped, let us know and we will smack them as speedily as we can. Enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Welcome to the brand-new TechnoMag!

  1. Looks good to me, as now most basic features work (social media sharing, newsletter subscription). I have a problem or should i say dislike in this top content with a blue background though (dont know what you call it). As you scroll down a page it affects your reading and at times doesnt. Well thats just a dislike i have, i guess you were asking for opinions

    1. thanks, that part is called a sticky menus, so that the menu will always stay with you even when you are at the bottom of the page.According to this data, sticky navigation could cut 36 seconds off of a five-minute visit to a website. Picture typing a document in Microsoft Word and having to move up to the top of the first page every time you wanted to bold a word or widen the margins. Just the thought of that sounds frustrating. Most desktop software provides access to the entire navigation menu no matter what you are doing in the application. The Web browser is no dissimilar; we would find it ludicrous to have to roll to the top of a website to access the address bar of a browser.

  2. Hapana hapana nit till Zimbabweans learn to do their own code from scratch, we are celebrating mediocricy when one chooses a “cool” wordpress theme.

  3. I think you have completed the square here, you guys have exceptionally good conteht but your website was just too clumsy, looks like this may beyour key to the future, I will start reading your blog now…

  4. At least no clutter, its user friendly not the previous one. Technomag welcome to the home of technology

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