LazyKali script, The Easy Way To Run Scripts

This is a bash script for when you feel lazy. It adds quite a few tools to Kali Linux (linux) like:
• Bleeding Edge Repos
• AngryIP Scanner
• Terminator
• Yamas
• PwnStar
• Ettercap0.7.6
• Xssf
• Smbexec
• Flash
• Java
• Easy-Creds
• Xchat
• Unicornscan
• Nautilus Open Terminal
• Simple-Ducky
• Subterfuge
• Ghost-Phisher
Lazy-Kali will also update Kali, Start Metaploit Services, Start Stop and Update Open-Vas. This is the first version; script is self-updating so more will be added in a short time. Will try to add in demand features.
First Download lazy kali script from here (and save it)
You will get the file with the name Now install the downloaded package using ./ if the script is not installed it may prompt you to install. Type Y to install the script.When Installation process of lazykali is thorough; just keep connected for further usage of lazykali in coming articles.

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