Touch Screen Goes Touch Skin

A new smart technology prototype has emerged in the wearable contest, the Cicret bracelet which is fiction in its function but science in its making and first of its kind.

Movies have happened to be the inspiration towards the future of technology by making the impossible, dreamed technologies a reality through special effects and animation.

By Stephen Denga 

Inspired by the trending nano and touchscreen technology this smart bracelet makes any human skin a touch skin.

The bracelet which is still under construction for perfection, synchronizes with android phones enabling user to read, send and reply texts,  make a call as well as browsing the internet as envisioned by its developer.

Cicret, a group of five based in France, Paris, managed to combine four complex technologies into one intelligent device which can project images at a low angle. This makes the device capable to beam a quite considerable screen resolution on the skin that can still be visible in bright light.

The technology in the device also makes the beam on the skin a touch screen and is visible on any screen color.

The mobile market has in the past few years drawn much attention to innovators as it  witnessed curved screens, incorporation of various weather sensors in devices and wearables with various health monitoring sensors that serve as human daily assistance.

Its time we brace ourselves for the technology advancement journey and enjoy its beauty till the unknown end of this infinite of ideas that has something new on every dawn.

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