How Tech Can Curb ZRP Corruption.

last week I introduced the use of mobile money services  as a solution to curb corrupt tendencies by some rogue traffic police officers who continue to demand spot fines without according you the right to pay later , should you admit the alleged offence.

While corruption is very difficult to trace  mainly because the involved parties only deal with hard cash, it has become a global cancer  which we all need to join hands against and forge strategic tools to defeat the scourge .

How Mobile Money Will Work Against Corruption.

This solution can only become a reality  and the only panacea if there is goodwill from the government which only needs to create a legislation that makes mobile money payment the only legal way to pay fines.

This in turn makes it clear for both the motorist and the police officers in charge, stamping the  roadblocks to be legit and legal completely destroying wrong motives  of setting up rogue roadblocks.

Who Will benefit.

The nation at large will stop leakages as millions have been lost already due to rogue receipt books that may have been used by some officers and  unclear accounting methods pitting the whole process as unacceptable, greatly reducing confidence in the force.

The state coffers will then find it easy to collect the funds directly from the various operators where all the funds can be easily audited ,traced  and accounted for. For the responsible mobile networks, a negotiation can then be worked around to see what charges they can effect on the transactions before they remit.

How to track  defaulting motorist.

Inasmuch as it very difficult for the force to track a traffic law offender, the national police is justifiable to state that they would rather have cash on spot for anyone who commits the crime as compared to following up the  same offender later on with higher chances of wrong addresses  being used.

While the challenge is real and genuine, it would be cynical to say that there is no other way to track an offender because wrong physical addresses may end up filling up the 256 forms which allows ones to pay fines within 7 working days.

Digital tickets.

A very home grown solution that we are already using from our  local parking authorities can still be integrated  with our national police officers. Today the Harare city council can actually book your vehicle for any owing parking fees which are the synced on their servers and any car parking personnel  can receive the payment.

This is a typical situation where the police can actually book you for any traffic offense which then may be connected with Zimra so that the next time when you go to renew your licence , you will be obliged to also pay against the crime, whether in instalments or full becomes a management issue.

Bar code and QR Codes technology.

These are simply diagrammatic ways of carrying information which the human eye can not reach but a special handheld device    can scan and decode the information. This technology can then be used to work as a ticket for anyone who commits any traffic offense, the QR code is then stamped on the car to reflect the status of the crime, whether its paid , pending or in default which then makes it easy for any police officer to scan and read from.

Every vehicle whether it has committed any traffic offense or not, will then be obliged to carry a QR code to confirm its current status which then can be removed by any officer upon updating or changing the status .

While many more ides can  be raised to try and remove corruption from our nation, it all boils down to the national will power to see forces combine towards the matter.

Once again i will close this topic with a quote from the learned Judge Justice Francis Bere “We talk of determination for the need to rid this country of corruption. How can we achieve this when we allow our police officers to conduct themselves in such a corrupt manner? My view is that all these issues must be seriously looked at and corrective action be taken without further delays.”

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