PC TIP OF THE DAY: How to access blocked websites

Many schools and colleges in Zimbabwe do not allow their students to use some social networking sites like facebook, twitter and youtube. Here I have given you some tricks on how to access blocked internet sites. Enjoy…




How to access blocked websites




Option 1: Type www.www. before the word facebook.com (www.www.facebook.com) on your browser. If this fails try another option.


Option 2: Use https instead of http


             Eg:- https://www.facebook.com instead of http://www.facebook.com



Option 3: Use Internet Based Proxy Servers by visiting




  • www.HideMyAss.com
  • www.ByPassthat.com
  • www.Kproxy.com   

These websites will let you type web address of any website and they will 100% go through, try it

Option4 : Use IP address instead of Domain Names

             Eg:- Type (IP address) instead of www.facebook.com on the address bar of your browser.



By using any of these 4 methods you can access blocked internet websites.








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3 thoughts on “PC TIP OF THE DAY: How to access blocked websites

  1. I think that, by far, the best tool to access blocked websites is the VPN service. I use http://www.sunvpn.com/ for almost a year now, and never has an issue with them. A VPN will also encrypt your traffic and is rather easy to use for a non-technical personal like myself.

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