Telecel Says Econet Sabotaging Our Calls!

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

 A highly placed source with Telecel Zimbabwe has informed TechnoMag that Econet Wireless Zimbabwe could be deliberately constricting Telecel traffic to its network in a move to disappoint Telecel customers.

“We have recorded a major decline from 90% success rates to an all time low of 40% just in one week and we highly suspect foul play from Econet”, said the source.


“This is obviously in response to our major market penetration as millions are now riding on the network of choice and our red campaign has been thoroughly fruitful, Econet  could have resorted  unfair play and hence sabotage the call through rates” added the source.


The source said that We have had numerous calls of customers complaining over constricted calls as they struggle to call Econet numbers.


Telece Zimbabwe has of late been aggressively marketing their products and they highly suspect  that their competitor is “playing dirty” to win its clients.


The move is currently seen by Telecel as deliberate action to frustrate their clients.


This will also mean Telecel will lose out on terminating charges as subscribers will use other alternative networks to communicate when their network is not moving in/out calls.


The source has said if the problem has not been resolved by Monday Telecel will take the issue to the telecoms  regulator Potraz.


Efforts to get comments from Econet Wireless Communications Officer Mr Ranga Mberi were fruitless as his phone was not reachable

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7 thoughts on “Telecel Says Econet Sabotaging Our Calls!

  1. Econet should learn to fight the competition battle through providing its customers some benefits and promotions like what Telecel is doing than using the sabotage method it not professional and these are not good business ethics

  2. Telecel should keep on providing us their customers more and more promotions we are experiencing very cheaper voice calling rates and enjoying cheaper internet thank thank you Telecel

  3. Its a good idea for Telecel to take the issue to the telecoms regulator Potraz.because if it continues it has negative impact on Telecel business because it will continue losing its clients

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