Liquid Telecoms; Video: We have got VicFalls Hotels Covered!

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Today we had exclusive interviews with the Liquid Telecoms Zimbabwe Managing Director Mr Wellington Makamure. Amongst our video interviews, we are pleased to present you this short one where he says they have got the Victoria Falls covered for the much anticipated UNWTO coming up soon.

He said last mile fibre is being used to connect all the top Hotels to make sure that the resort town is connected with high broadband speed

here is more in video from Mr Makamure
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5 thoughts on “Liquid Telecoms; Video: We have got VicFalls Hotels Covered!

  1. I heard Mr Makamure saying “We will make available 20 megabytes of broadband services for the UNWTO conference, we are putting in place a business centre with 20 computers and we have connected all major hotels and lodges in Victoria Falls via fibre-and wi-fi coverage,”

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