Culture Shift Zim – £4000 goes to the most creative start-up (Updated)

By Toneo T Rutsito
When talent and skills are motivated by a good reward, the power of creativity comes to work, Culture Shift Zimbabwe has provoked the attendees to think differently.

Nothing was as inspiring as seeing the youthful acts combine their passion with the mature team members of different background getting down to business, creating a solution for the artistic in a technological way.
Kudzayi Ngwerume, The British Council’s Arts Manager thanked all the participants and partners for the highly spirited support and input making the initiative a success.

The 3 Day Marathon Hackathon at alliance Francaise was a brainchild of the British Council inconjuction with Internet Service Provider I-Way Africa, Alliance Francaise and a local Technology startup Jump Start Zimbabwe. which was highly publicised few weeks back.

Congrats to the first three groups who clinched the top prizes for their creativity and passion to come up with prototypes of artistic affiliation in a purely technological way.Most of these ideas were formed on Day Two of Culture Shift
The first Prize went to Open Book, a group of four contestants which came with a portal to deliver books online via cutting edge technology and helping the artists gain much more visibility.

One of the groups member Tafadzwa Makura, a regular tech startup appearance was confident that this time the idea was much more polished and appealing.
“The system targeted both seasoned and emerging local writers. This would work as an e-book online and a directory profiling the artists and a brief of the contents. Should a reader want to peruse, the option would be available but without any saving option to protect against piracy “said Tafadzwa

Monica Cheru-Mpambawashe the only female act amongst the contestant said her exposure and experience as an emerging writer will help the group in making a solution that impacts the industry.

Open Book
Tawanda Kembo (TK) of the I Paid bribe fame is also a member of this youthful team.
The first runner up was Big Eyes, a group of two which came up with a dazzling video graphic presentation which also had an idea of pushing a local you Tube channel.

BIG Eyes at first runner ups
BIG Eyes at first runner ups

Their application allows people and organisations in film to showcase their work; and for people in film to interact, discover new stuff and be discovered.
The second runner up was Farira, it came with an ideal online directory and profile for artists. This would encourage emerging artists to see the benefits of going online register their product and showcase it online.

Farira Culture Shift Zim

In so doing artists would get an opportunity and a platform to sell their products, book diaries and get connected with both other seasoned players or clients for hire.
The ideas at Culture Shift Shift were quiet interesting and lots of fostering would be necessary to get the inexperienced entrepreneurs up and running as they are now getting into the real world scenario, away from prototypes and facing real challenges.
The first prize had £4000 plus 9 months I-way free bandwidth and 9 months free web hosting.

TechnoMag gives a big thumbs up to the sponsors and organisers of the event, nurturing tech talents is the only way to discover the power of our tech ecosystem.

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