Twitter’s 140 character limit could see an increase to 10,000


A new report claims Twitter is considering increasing the social media’s 140 character limit up to 10,000 characters per post.

Sources familiar with the matter say the 10,000 character limit, which is being referred to as “Beyond 140” within the company, could be introduced as early as the end of Q1 of this year, according to Re/code.

While Twitter has become known for its short character limit, providing quick snippets rather than long drawn out posts, this isn’t the first rumor we’ve heard that suggests the social media giant has been considering axing its 140 character limit to help bolster user growth.

Another report last year September pegged CEO Jack Dorsey as pushing a project called “140 Plus” that would either see the character limit nixed entirely or simply expanded.

While this new 10,000 character limit could be a result of Dorsey’s rumored project, Twitter has yet to announce anything.

There is also some question as to how it will effect the current flow of Twitter’s feed, with the report claiming it could introduce a call to action button that expands tweets that are more than the current 140 character limit.

credit TechRadar

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